About Us

Acapella Seafood Company was founded in 2014, although we are a fairly new company our company is owned and operated by the son of one of south florida’s largest and oldest Lobster and Stone Crab wholesaler and packer in the industry with over 49 years in the business. Juan Carlos Berdeal who operated the company for 18 years now owns and operates Acapella Seafood Co., which wholesales Lobster, Stone Crab, Shrimp and other seafoods.

Acapella sells to some of the nations leading food distribution companies in the US and abroad. We have a fleet of over 26 boats that have partnered up with us to bring you the freshest most affordable product on the market direct from the ocean to your table. Whether at a restaurant or at home more than likely your seafood comes from Acapella. We strive in bringing you top quality seafood products at fair market prices.

Our Products

Bringing you the freshest wild caught seafood.
    Florida Spiny Lobster

    Florida Spiny Lobster Season lasts 8 months and is always August 6 through March 31. Lobsters are available live, fresh and frozen, whole or tails.

    Florida Spiny Lobster
    Florida Stone Crabs

    Stone Crab season begins October 15th and runs until May 15th. Stone Crabs Claws are a renewable resource, once the claw is removed, the crab is returned to the ocean where it will regenerate.

    Florida Stone Crabs
off the florida keys


Stone Crab Dinner For Two

Our Dinner for Two Includes two pounds of Stone Crabs, a mallet, mustard sauce and key lime pie