Frequently Asked Questions

All of Acapella Seafood Co. products are caught in the Florida Keys and shipped from Miami, Florida.
For maximum freshness, moisture and ultimately taste, Acapella’s stone crab claws should be consumed within the day from the point of cracking and kept on ice or refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy.

The average weight differs for colossal, jumbo, large, and medium. Since each order is based on weight, the number of claws per pound vary.

  • Colossal: 1 – 2 claws per lb.
  • Jumbo: 3 – 4 claws per lb.
  • Large: 4 – 5 claws per lb.
  • Medium: 6 – 7 claws per lb.
  • Colossal: 5 – 10 claws
  • Jumbo: 15 – 20 claws
  • Large: 20 – 25 claws
  • Medium: 30 – 35 claws
For every 5 lbs., we give you a complimentary container of homemade mustard sauce and a mallet.
All stone crab claws have been fully cooked. When cooked, the meat inside the shell is sweet and firm textured. A mild sweet odor indicates freshness. We recommend enjoying cold, but if preferred hot, simply heat up in boiling water and serve.
The total price of the package is dependent upon your zip code, delivery date, and claw size. You will receive the most accurate pricing during the checkout process.
Florida Stone Crab season begins October 15th and ends May 1st. Any place offering stone crabs out of season is serving them frozen.